Mulch & Wood Chips

Refurbish your landscaping or playground with natural wood chips, bark and tree mulches or choose from a wide selection of color-enhanced mulches, a safe and efficient way to add color to your landscape!

Topsoil & Compost

Rocky Mountain's nutrient enriched screened top soil is perfect for final dressing of landscape areas that will be seeded, sodded or planted. Screened to one-half inch (1/2"). For your garden, try our Rocky Mountain compost, a balanced absorbent soil that improves fertility and stimulates healthy root development in plants.


Deliveries are available for mulch, top soil and compost with a minimum order of 3 yards to most towns in our local area. Click here for a complete list of towns and pricing or call customer service at (413) 596-2348.

Mulch Calculator

Not sure how much mulch you will need, try our Mulch calculator.

Wholesale / Contractors

Rocky Mountain Wood manufactures and are wholesale distributors of landscaping products, contact us today for special wholesale pricing.