Mulch & Wood Chips



Brick Red   Walnut
Red Cedar Mulch ($40/Yard)    Walnut (Dark Brown) ($37/Yard)
Diamond Black Mulch ($37/Yard)    

Delivery is available (3 yard minimum)
Prices do not reflect sales tax. Due to the increase in fuel cost it has forced us to charge a fuel surcharge on all invoices. Prices are subject to change.


  • Natural Hemlock Bark Mulch
  • (100% Hemlock bark, great aromatic scent, a light-med brown, with a distinctive reddish undertone)
    Call for availability due to limited supply 
  • Natural Aged Hemlock Bark
  • (100% Aged Hemlock Bark, rich chocolate brown in color, fine in texture)
  • $46.00/yard
  • Native Hardwood Bark 
  • (Dark Brown & Rich in Color. Made from 100% aged Native Hardwood Barks)
  • Dark Double Ground
  • (Our most economical blend of aged wood fibers, processed to a med.-fine texture, excellent dark brown landscape mulch)
  • $24/yard
  • Aged Dark Double Ground
  • (Our most economical blend of aged wood fibers, with a distinctive burgundy tint) 
  • $28/yard
  • Playground Wood Chips
  • (Small, clean, uniform-type chips ideal for playgrounds, playscapes, or landscaping areas, bright yellow in color)
  • $34/yard

**Images are not perfect representations of actual product, please always stop by and see the product for yourself before you make your decision**