We Buy Pulpwood

Effective: July 26, 2010 We are Temporarily Not Buying Pulpwood

       Mixed loads to be paid at softwood pricing

  • Diameter: outside bark 4”– 36”
  • Preferred length: 12’ – 24’; 8’ & 10’ Accepted not to exceed 5% of load
  • Soundness: 50% of diameter or more
  • Limbs, knots, and burls are to be trimmed flush
  • Wood containing hardware, flagging, stones, trash, plastic or other foreign objects will be rejected; suppliers may be penalized for damage caused by foreign materials
  • Wood shall be free of crotches, stumps, and large root flares
  • Fire-charred, punky, and/or rotten wood will be rejected; dead wood must be sound
  • New vendors must contact Rocky Mountain Wood Co. and be approved for delivery by staff.
  • Truckers must wear hard hat, safety glasses, safety vest, and safety boots
  • A certificate of auto liability coverage shall be issued to Rocky Mountain Wood Co. for trucks delivering pulpwood to our facilities
  • Payment will be made Friday for previous week’s deliveries (M-S). Checks may be picked up by 5 on Friday or mailed.


Rocky Mountain Wood Company, Inc.
Wilbraham, MA 01095 (413) 596-2348

Pulpwood meeting the specifications of Rocky Mountain Wood
Company, Inc. will be paid:
Hardwood: $28/ton           Hemlock: $25/ton           Pine: $21/ton