Disposal Services

  • Brush & Stumps: $16.00/yard
  • Leaves & Grass: $5.00/yard
  • Clean Wood Chips: $5.00/yard

Brush & Land Clearing

Rocky Mountain performs land clearing services for commercial and residential building lots, golf courses, housing developments and many other purposes.  We have four land clearing crews that use state of the art fellerbunchers, skidders, delimbers and slashers.  All brush and tree tops are chipped on site and chips are removed.  All services are offered year round due to the ability of the machines being able to drive over all terrain and conditions.

Stump Excavation and Grinding

Stumps are excavated with CAT excavators, prepared for grinding with shears and ground using CBI horizontal grinders. All grindings are hauled from the job site. If the site does not permit access for the CBI grinders, stumps are hauled to our Wilbraham facility.

The Latest Equipment

When it comes to taking on rough terrain and big timber, Rocky Mountain Wood uses the latest modern forestry machinery for maximum production. All of our tree removal is performed using feller bunchers (a large logging machine with an attachment that cuts trees in place). These versatile machines can be used cut trees off at the base and safely stack the logs on a skidder for further processing. Whatever the conditions call for the feller buncher is fast and very stable even on steep slopes and rough ground providing a safer more efficient means of harvesting.

Environmentally Friendly

All trees, stumps, chips and grindings that are harvested from our land clearing and stumping services are utilized in an eco-friendly manner and none of it goes to waste. Some of the utilization includes hauling the chips to bio-energy plants, sale of the logs to lumber mills and we produce our own mulch and playground chips, topsoil, compost and firewood.

Experienced Staff

John Burson has been in the land clearing business for over 44 years with the philosophy that land clearing should be done with care and complete customer satisfaction. Rocky Mountain continually updates and expands their fleet and we match knowledgeable and experienced people with hi-tech equipment to provide the best results through personalized service to meet each of our client’s needs.