Prices are subject to change, please call for current pricing.

  • Seasoned: $375.00 Per Cord - Debarked
  • Seasoned: $325.00 Per Cord - Barked
  • Green: $300.00 Per Cord - Debarked
  • Green: $285.00 Per Cord - Barked

Rocky Mountain Wood offers debarked firewood as a high quality premium alternative to traditional firewood with bark. Taking the bark off translates into more wood per cord, as well as cleaner and more efficient burning, as it produces significantly less ash (less moisture content). If you heat your home with wood or use wood to complement your primary source of fuel, you may want to consider giving debarked firewood a try.

  • Better kindling
  • No bark means it burns cleaner and with less ash
  • Fewer places for insects to hide
  • More wood per cord
  • Dries out much quicker than wood with bark
  • Less mess

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